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#1 Pole Barn and Barndominium Builders in Canton and Northeast Ohio

Looking for help with your next Pole Barn or Barndominuim project? DM Roofing Siding & Windows can help!

Pole Barn Builders

Looking for a place to store that old project car? Pole barns are prefabricated buildings that are manufactured off-site and installed on site. They are often used for agricultural purposes, such as storing equipment and animals, but they can also be used as a garage or workshop. The poles that make up the frame of the building can be made of wood, metal, or concrete. This type of construction is typically cheaper than traditional construction methods.

Benefits of Building a Barndominium

A barndominium, also called a barndo, is a large steel building that has combined areas and space for living and working needs.

The benefits of constructing a barndominium are three-fold. The first is the affordability of the home, which is much lower than that of a traditional home. The second benefit is the size and flexibility of the space in a barndominium. And thirdly, with sustainability being such an important factor in today’s society, it’s hard to not mention that building a barndominium will create less waste than building a stick-built home.

Barndominums Save on Cost

The cost for constructing a barndominium is significantly less than that for building an identical structure with wood framing and siding. This cost savings can be attributed to the fact that there are fewer materials used in construction and no need for heating or cooling appliances. The size and flexibility of living spaces in a barndominium make them perfect for some people who are looking for an alternative to rising home construction costs

If you are looking to get started on constructing a pole barn or barndominium on your property give DM a call today at 330.366.9857.

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