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Exterior Window Capping in Canton and Northeast Ohio

If there is a draft in your living room that just won’t go away, DM has you covered. Window capping is an the process of applying aluminum or vinyl sheet that is formed to fit over the exterior trim of your house. Window cappings come in many different colors and is the perfect way to give your homes exterior a refresh without dramatic expense.

Window Capping Canton

Why Cap Your Windows?

Along with the cleaner aesthetic look capping gives a home, window frames and siding are protected more as well. The drip edge above windows directs water away from the siding and window frames, which preserves their lifespans.

When to Cap Your Windows

  • Water Leaking Through
  • Strong Draft Near Windows
  • Mold and Mildew Growth Near Windows
  • Noticeable Temperature Drop In Exterior Room
  • Rising Energy Bills

It is important to have any exterior capping done by a professional to ensure that there is no chance for air and water to slip into your home, causing more expensive issues down the road. Give DM a call today for all your exterior capping needs at 330.366.9857.

It was so nice to find a company who would do just the trim on our windows! The metal installer custom bent everything on-site and it looks amazing!

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